3 Hours - Ashley's Brother

Lovely little guitar track I made in, you guessed it, 3 hours.

Autumn Leaves - Ashley's Brother

The first jazz song I recorded. I'd only been trying out jazz for 3 days at the time, and this song had me hooked immediately.

Battery Beat - Ashley's Brother

This is the first beat I ever made. There's nothing special going on here, just some slowed down samples from a pretty famous song ;)

Birds - Ashley's Brother

A fun, silly dubstep song that I'd made just after moving out with my wife (then only my girlfriend).

Case Study - Ashley's Brother

One of my first experiments with combining my guitar work with dance music. I always felt like this one missed the mark on the guitar front.

Circle - Ashley's Brother

Just a quick little song I made on the classical guitar. Something about this one always seems to strike me for some reason.

Improvisation in G minor - Ashley's Brother

A song I recorded when I first started really getting into jazz. Just a quick little improv

Jazzey - Ashley's Brother

One of my favorite guitar compositions. Got some bongos on there, and a lot of good improv.

Life - Ashley's Brother

A simple guitar piece I improvised on the classical

Like The Times Did (Instrumental) - Ashley's Brother

Probably my favorite beat that I've made. A true collab between myself and my friends Riley, Gilly, and Andrew, made in an afternoon. Through many tries to get a good vocal version, we never managed to get one that seemed to match how good the instrumental is.

Song35 - Ashley's Brother

Taken from my "64 Bars A Day" folder. Probably one of the best songs to come from that whole series. Just a quick song I created simply for the sake of creating something.