13/8 - Ashley's Brother

Goofy little fanfare I'd made as an experiment using complex time signatures in FL Studio.

Almost 2A03 - Ashley's Brother

The Ricoh 2A03 is the microprosser used in the NES. It was also used as the sound chip for the system, and in that endeavor it is highly sought after for recreation. I wanted to try and recreate it myself, and found that it's actually really hard to get it just the way it was! There are some tight restrictions on how it was allowed to generate sound, and it's these restrictions that make NES music so good (in my opinion). In this song, I made an almost perfectly faithful song with these restrictions, with the only exception being the drums. I always liked the way this came out, and want to keep making more of these sweet little chiptunes.

Case Study - Ashley's Brother

One of my first experiments with combining my guitar work with dance music. I always felt like this one missed the mark on the guitar front.

Dance by Design - Ashley's Brother

An experiment into sound design that managed to evolve into more of a complete track

Faults are an Ugly Thing - Ashley's Brother

A strange little song I made as a demonstration of various production techniques to my friend Austen. It's a little purposeless, which is sad because I really like it for some reason

Got That Nice Live Feel Goin - Ashley's Brother

A fun, goofy song I'd made to try and get as much of a live feeling as I could out of synthetic instruments. All of this was programmed with a mouse and keyboard, nothing is played live.

Improvisation in G minor - Ashley's Brother

A song I recorded when I first started really getting into jazz. Just a quick little improv

Jazzey - Ashley's Brother

One of my favorite guitar compositions. Got some bongos on there, and a lot of good improv.

Minimal - Ashley's Brother

An experiment with time. This is a song I made back when automating the tempo in FL Studio was extremely dangerous. It's sort of a neat little background piece that manages to pull some feels.

Retro - Ashley's Brother

A fun silly chiptune, for fun silly people

Song35 - Ashley's Brother

Taken from my "64 Bars A Day" folder. Probably one of the best songs to come from that whole series. Just a quick song I created simply for the sake of creating something.

Subtleties - Ashley's Brother

An experiment in creativity. This song was made in exactly 90 minutes. It's a sort of experimental beat with some sad undertones.

The Never Ending Dream Sequence - Ashley's Brother

A song made entirely with one instance of Serum. It was sort of an experiment in composition for me, that came out extremely sad sounding.