Computers - Ashley's Brother

This is probably my favorite song off of the Tron album. It started out as an attempt to make a complex chiptune after looking at some of HertzDevil's music on the website Hook Theory. Over time it evolved into this much more complicated song that somehow still manages to feel pretty simple!

Dance by Design - Ashley's Brother

An experiment into sound design that managed to evolve into more of a complete track

Electron - Ashley's Brother

The fifth song off the Tron album. I made this song whilst heavily getting into Savant. I basically just wanted to make my own version of a bunch of his songs, and out came this guy!

Just Do It - Ashley's Brother

Once upon a time, this was a fun meme, and I really wanted to start making songs centered around memes, hence this little electro house song was born. Honestly, after hearing Shia tell me inspiring things so many times through the course of making this, it kind of really helped me keep going

Overclock - Ashley's Brother

Song 7 off of Tron. The production process for this song was absolutely insane. It is extremly processor intensive, requiring me to actually overclock my 4790K for the first time (hence the name), and even then it still lags out. Due to the nature of tempo changes, it's also super hard to adequately bounce sections and hear them while working on them. Because of this, I basically was forced to stop adding things when the time came, but it's still just shoved full of all kind of goodies from a technical standpoint. For whatever reason though, the end product just doesn't seem as good as it felt like it would be during production. This was kind of a big thing for me, because it really made me realize that the process is just not as important as the end result when it comes to music, which was a pretty big epiphany.