Byte - Ashley's Brother

A classic dubstep song from my album Tron. This one has a lot of royalty free samples in it, as well as one of my absolute favorites basses that I've made.

Compiler - Ashley's Brother

After working on the album for a while, I'd decided I wanted to try and recreate some of the magic of the title song, but with incorporating some new ideas in a much less serious song. Thus, Compiler was born. It follows a similar structure to Tron, but has a much harder approach that aims to be a lot less cinematic. It maintains its energy throughout, and really turned out really good IMO.

Computers - Ashley's Brother

This is probably my favorite song off of the Tron album. It started out as an attempt to make a complex chiptune after looking at some of HertzDevil's music on the website Hook Theory. Over time it evolved into this much more complicated song that somehow still manages to feel pretty simple!

Dance by Design - Ashley's Brother

An experiment into sound design that managed to evolve into more of a complete track

Deleted Scenes - Ashley's Brother

A song I'd made after finishing up the Tron album, though I still feel like it sort of belongs on it. Maybe if I ever bother an actual release it'll be on the Deluxe Version ;)

Electron - Ashley's Brother

The fifth song off the Tron album. I made this song whilst heavily getting into Savant. I basically just wanted to make my own version of a bunch of his songs, and out came this guy!

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) - Ashley's Brother

Song 13 off of the Tron album. This one is a big ol melodic dubstep song that has some neat tricks going on in it.

Hard Drive - Ashley's Brother

The fourth song off the Tron album. I made this song as an experiment to try and see how many different drops I could add to one song. If you count each A and B section as different in each drop, then I believe there are 9 total. At least that's what I marked in FL Studio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Harikiri - Ashley's Brother

A sweet Electro House song that has a quaint little jazz guitar intro. One of those songs that turned out better than I'd expected, and that I can never quite seem to recreate.

In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) - Ashley's Brother

This is one of the earlier songs made for the Tron album. Sort of by mistake, it came out sounding super wintery (though I did make it in the winter so I guess that makes sense). This song really has no business being as good as it is IMO.

JCub Collab - Ashley's Brother

A sadly unfinished collab between myself and J-Cub. We never managed to come up with a name, and I started going through a thing during its production that caused us to lose contact. Still a banger tho

Just Do It - Ashley's Brother

Once upon a time, this was a fun meme, and I really wanted to start making songs centered around memes, hence this little electro house song was born. Honestly, after hearing Shia tell me inspiring things so many times through the course of making this, it kind of really helped me keep going

Legend - Ashley's Brother

One of the many collabs I made with my best friend Brandon. This one is probably the best one out of all of them, and sadly the project file has since been ruined, so I will never be able to work on it again! This is one of the earliest songs that I'd made that I truly enjoy listening to, even as I started getting better and my standards started going up.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Ashley's Brother

The third song off of the Tron album. This was the song that actually made my decide to even make an album centered around Tron!

Overclock - Ashley's Brother

Song 7 off of Tron. The production process for this song was absolutely insane. It is extremly processor intensive, requiring me to actually overclock my 4790K for the first time (hence the name), and even then it still lags out. Due to the nature of tempo changes, it's also super hard to adequately bounce sections and hear them while working on them. Because of this, I basically was forced to stop adding things when the time came, but it's still just shoved full of all kind of goodies from a technical standpoint. For whatever reason though, the end product just doesn't seem as good as it felt like it would be during production. This was kind of a big thing for me, because it really made me realize that the process is just not as important as the end result when it comes to music, which was a pretty big epiphany.

Processor - Ashley's Brother

Song 12 off of Tron. This is actually the first song where I wrote down on paper how I wanted the base structure to be, as well as attempting to draw out individual sections. It worked out pretty well, and led to some other songs made the same way!

Program - Ashley's Brother

The sixth song off of the Tron album. This is one of the later songs that got made for the album. It is extremely loud, probably one of the loudest songs I've put out, but I think that if you can get past the loudness, this song has a lot of really awesome qualities! Maybe someday I should remaster this to not be so loud...

Resolve (Ashley's Brother Remix) - Ashley's Brother

Another extremely early song of mine. I'd wanted to enter the remix competition for this song, but I simply was not ready to be able to make something in time. For whatever reason, I continued working on this song off and on for years following, and it's turned into this unique little piece.

Top Secret - Ashley's Brother

Probably my single largest dubstep project. Production of this song took place over about 2 years, and sadly the final product just sort of missed the mark. It's a classic case of overthinking everything, but there are definitely still some enjoyable parts (though you may want to constantly adjust your volume)

Tron - Ashley's Brother

The title song for my album. This was actually the first song I'd made for the album. After making this one, I made a couple more songs that felt like they'd fit the theme, and soon I was knee deep in an album!

Tron (Lazarus Remix) - Ashley's Brother

I used to hang out a lot in different rooms, and I met some pretty cool people in those places. One of whom (Lazarus) felt like doing a remix for the song Tron! I think he did a phenomenal job, and it fits well enough so I added into the album.

Virtually Rioting - Ashley's Brother

This song basically elevated my ability to produce Electro style music. I sat down and watched an early recording of one of Virtual Riot's streams, and then just got set to work trying to do what he did. I'm not sure if it's the sheer amount of time I devoted to the master, or just dumb luck, but somehow this song came out sounding extremely polished, and I'm very proud of it.