Birds - Ashley's Brother

A fun, silly dubstep song that I'd made just after moving out with my wife (then only my girlfriend).

Bring Funk Back - Ashley's Brother

An unfinished collab between myself and Lazarus. It would have been nice to have finished it, but we ran into problems that stemmed from me using a different version of Serum than him sadly.

Byte - Ashley's Brother

A classic dubstep song from my album Tron. This one has a lot of royalty free samples in it, as well as one of my absolute favorites basses that I've made.

California - Ashley's Brother

Easily my longest-running project. I started this song back in 2013. It is named after a road trip to California I went on with my friends right after graduating high school. I will probably always continue adding small fixes and changes to this song, and in a lot of ways that is what I like so much about it.

Cantina Band - Ashley's Brother

A remix of the famous Cantina Band song that I never finished.

Cedar - Ashley's Brother

This song is a pretty good example of most of my musical influences rolled into one. It features a long jazz improv, layered guitars, key changes, lots of electro basses, and a sort of constant change throughout the whole song.

Cheap - Ashley's Brother

Big dubstep sound

Evil Beat (Dubstep Version) - Ashley's Brother

This is the dubstep version of Evil Beat. It is very similar, but features a simple use of deeper basses.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) - Ashley's Brother

Song 13 off of the Tron album. This one is a big ol melodic dubstep song that has some neat tricks going on in it.

Hard Drive - Ashley's Brother

The fourth song off the Tron album. I made this song as an experiment to try and see how many different drops I could add to one song. If you count each A and B section as different in each drop, then I believe there are 9 total. At least that's what I marked in FL Studio ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

JCub Collab - Ashley's Brother

A sadly unfinished collab between myself and J-Cub. We never managed to come up with a name, and I started going through a thing during its production that caused us to lose contact. Still a banger tho

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Ashley's Brother

The third song off of the Tron album. This was the song that actually made my decide to even make an album centered around Tron!

Nick Lemmer - Ashley's Brother

Simple little dubstep song I made for my pal Nick. It was a pretty fun experience showing him how I do this kind of stuff!

O - Ashley's Brother

Orchestral dubstep song I made many years back. It really heavily features the sound of the Intervention from Modern Warfare 2 firing.

Overclock - Ashley's Brother

Song 7 off of Tron. The production process for this song was absolutely insane. It is extremly processor intensive, requiring me to actually overclock my 4790K for the first time (hence the name), and even then it still lags out. Due to the nature of tempo changes, it's also super hard to adequately bounce sections and hear them while working on them. Because of this, I basically was forced to stop adding things when the time came, but it's still just shoved full of all kind of goodies from a technical standpoint. For whatever reason though, the end product just doesn't seem as good as it felt like it would be during production. This was kind of a big thing for me, because it really made me realize that the process is just not as important as the end result when it comes to music, which was a pretty big epiphany.

Resolve (Ashley's Brother Remix) - Ashley's Brother

Another extremely early song of mine. I'd wanted to enter the remix competition for this song, but I simply was not ready to be able to make something in time. For whatever reason, I continued working on this song off and on for years following, and it's turned into this unique little piece.

The Power of Three - Ashley's Brother

A song I made utilizing the power of a three screen computer setup. I actually made a full template for the project that could allow me to make tons of very similar songs, but I've always felt like that would be cheating so I never used it.

Top Secret - Ashley's Brother

Probably my single largest dubstep project. Production of this song took place over about 2 years, and sadly the final product just sort of missed the mark. It's a classic case of overthinking everything, but there are definitely still some enjoyable parts (though you may want to constantly adjust your volume)