Beautiful Piano - Ashley's Brother

A chill little piano piece I wrote years ago. This was the first song I ever put on youtube!

Chill Beat - Ashley's Brother

One of the earliest beats I have. I made this while sitting inside of Alfy's Pizza

Faults are an Ugly Thing - Ashley's Brother

A strange little song I made as a demonstration of various production techniques to my friend Austen. It's a little purposeless, which is sad because I really like it for some reason

Life - Ashley's Brother

A simple guitar piece I improvised on the classical

Nice - Ashley's Brother

One of the first things "I" made in Ableton Live. It was really mostly Adrian, Riley helped as well, and I just kind of tried to do things I would normally do in FL Studio in Ableton, but the result came out really well I think.

Refresh - Ashley's Brother

This is the first song I completed start to finish that I actually felt proud of. It might not be up to the same standards as some of my other stuff, but it will always be kind of special to me because of that.

Regret - Ashley's Brother

One of the songs that I have planned for The Looking Glass (if I ever actually get around to finishing it). This one was meant to deal with the feeling of regret.

Shit Happens - Ashley's Brother

A melancholy beat that I made not long after watching the movie Interstellar.

Subtleties - Ashley's Brother

An experiment in creativity. This song was made in exactly 90 minutes. It's a sort of experimental beat with some sad undertones.

The Never Ending Dream Sequence - Ashley's Brother

A song made entirely with one instance of Serum. It was sort of an experiment in composition for me, that came out extremely sad sounding.