93 BPM - Ashley's Brother

One of my earlier beats that I made. The snares have an interesting way of playing with the rest of the elements that I really like.

Austen's Piano Hip Hop Beat - Ashley's Brother

One of my absolute favorite beats that I've made. It came about from me showing my friend a neat songwriting trick, and just has this really homely feeling that I absolutely love.

Battery Beat - Ashley's Brother

This is the first beat I ever made. There's nothing special going on here, just some slowed down samples from a pretty famous song ;)

Bouncy Ass Beat - Ashley's Brother

Quick and dirty beat that features piccato strings and a music box lead!

Chill Beat - Ashley's Brother

One of the earliest beats I have. I made this while sitting inside of Alfy's Pizza

Evil Beat - Ashley's Brother

A very spooky sounding beat. It is made by using many different types/extensions of the same chord on a piano

Evil Beat (Dubstep Version) - Ashley's Brother

This is the dubstep version of Evil Beat. It is very similar, but features a simple use of deeper basses.

Growing Up - Ashley's Brother

A very uplifting beat that I'd made with the intention of collabing to get a rap on, but unfortunately we never saw it to fruition.

Like The Times Did (Instrumental) - Ashley's Brother

Probably my favorite beat that I've made. A true collab between myself and my friends Riley, Gilly, and Andrew, made in an afternoon. Through many tries to get a good vocal version, we never managed to get one that seemed to match how good the instrumental is.

Old School (Instrumental) - Ashley's Brother

High energy beat I made with my friend Gilly. This one is a fun one to freestyle to.

Regret - Ashley's Brother

One of the songs that I have planned for The Looking Glass (if I ever actually get around to finishing it). This one was meant to deal with the feeling of regret.

Shit Happens - Ashley's Brother

A melancholy beat that I made not long after watching the movie Interstellar.

Subtleties - Ashley's Brother

An experiment in creativity. This song was made in exactly 90 minutes. It's a sort of experimental beat with some sad undertones.

Summertime (Instrumental) - Ashley's Brother

A beat I made with the help of my friend Riley during the summer.

Take Flight - Ashley's Brother

A beat I'd made with the intention of eventually having one of my friends write a rap for it, but unfortunately it never came to fruition.